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  1. Janice I love your art so much omg I almost cried looking at your paintings I Love them!!! Even though I don’t do ceramic I’m so glad to have you as a professor! I love the show

  2. Absolutely stunning! The emotion and colors involved in both the sculptures and the paintings is mind blowing! Gorgeous collection! I could spend hours in here looking at all the tiny details hidden within each piece!

  3. Where do I even begin to express the emotions that this show has evoked within! I am humbled to tears to call this artist my daughter. Janis is a master at capturing intensely personal, yet universal experiences that are so relatable. She is fiercely passionate in her expressions of love, joy, sorrow, anguish, hope, humanity, kindness, and forgiveness. Her choices of color are delightful! I could not be more proud of her beautiful soul that she shares in every piece of art that she creates. She mentioned that there is a prize for a commentor, but I already got the prize…it is a beloved daughter!

  4. Fantastic! I am so enamored with your work. Each piece is so special, and I love your voice and experience in the stories that relate to them.

  5. Great show

  6. This is a wonderful show!

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