The Flood

Acrylic painting on board | 30 x 24 | 2020

The world places little, if any, value on the roles of caregiving and teaching. I want to elevate and celebrate the nurturers by presenting this wonderful cat mother, who meets our gaze with sacred dignity as she manages to nurse and care for a host of figures who busily swarm her. It takes furious amounts of emotional and physical strength just to keep up with the frenzy. She is both a sanctuary and a force to be reckoned with. She stands in a sacred place (architecture inspired by the Great Mosque in Cordova, Spain)

I called it The Flood to reference the moment a mother’s milk comes in, and flows into baby’s mouth. I also want to tie in the spiritual symbol of water and floods as they can represent cleansing, renewal, and atonement.

    - Janis Mars Wunderlich

  • Unsigned open edition prints are $60.00.
  • Signed, limited edition archival prints are $100.00

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Original painting may be available for sale. Contact using link below for more information.

20″H x 16″W print of original 30×24 acrylic painting titled The Flood, 2020.

Available in an unsigned open edition, printed with archival inks on medium-weight photo paper. Also available in a signed & dated limited edition, printed on heavy-weight & acid free premium 100% cotton Platinum paper, crafted by the Canson & Arches mills in France. Limited Edition prints come with a certificate of authenticity which includes the artist’s in-depth description of the work. Limited edition size: 100.

All prints are printed on 22″x17″ stock to provide a white border around the image for future matting and framing.

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