The world places little, if any, value on the roles of caregiving and teaching. I want to elevate and celebrate the nurturers by presenting this wonderful cat mother, who meets our gaze with sacred dignity as she manages to nurse and care for a host of figures who busily swarm her. It takes furious amounts of emotional and physical strength just to keep up with the frenzy. She is both a sanctuary and a force to be reckoned with. She stands in a sacred place (architecture inspired by the Great Mosque in Cordova, Spain)

I called it The Flood to reference the moment a mother’s milk comes in, and flows into baby’s mouth. I also want to tie in the spiritual symbol of water and floods as they can represent cleansing, renewal, and atonement.

    - Janis Mars Wunderlich

The Flood

Acrylic painting on board | 30 x 24 | 2020

Available in an unsigned open edition, printed with archival inks on medium-weight photo paper. Also available in a signed & dated limited edition, printed on heavy-weight & acid free premium 100% cotton Platinum paper, crafted by the Canson & Arches mills in France. Limited Edition prints come with a certificate of authenticity which includes the artist’s in-depth description of the work. Limited edition size: 100.

20″H x 16″W print of original 30×24 acrylic painting
Open Edition Print $60.00
Limited Edition Print $100.00

All prints are printed on 22″x17″ stock to provide a white border around the image for future matting and framing. Original painting may be available for sale. To purchase prints or to inquire about purchasing the original painting, use the contact button below.

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