Transformation is in a private collection and is a one-of-a-kind large sculpture of multi-fired hand-built earthenware, slips, underglaze, glaze, & melted glass. Size: 26”x13”x12”



Transformation (2019) also known as The Bride by Janis Mars Wunderlich is a ceramic sculpture in a private collection.

I wanted to capture the complex emotions surrounding my son’s recent wedding. I was feeling so much…..

JOY – so excited for my son!

FEAR- they haven’t known each other very long- are they right for each other? They are both so young and inexperienced!

EXCITEMENT- weddings! Everyone loves weddings!

STRESS- receptions, logistics, matching outfits, travel, financial strain

COMPLEXITY-the fact that we are a divorced/blended family- how do we make sure everyone is comfortable amidst past injuries- not everyone has forgiven and moved on- awkward family tension

ANTICIPATION-my baby is getting married! He is such a beautiful boy and my heart is full

HAPPY/SAD- I could not be in attendance at my son’s actual wedding ceremony, which took place inside a Mormon temple. And I am his mom. So, I had a deep sadness. So, so deep. BUT… HAPPY for him, happy for his life choices and the life he is choosing, happy that he seems so joyous and filled with love for his wife

LIFE MOVES SO QUICKLY! Wow –I was just nursing him -seems like yesterday- and now he is a handsome, big-hearted adult man who found his partner! I blinked and it all happened too soon!

So much emotion in this piece… Birds are swirling around her, an angel sounds his trumpet within her soul, water moves on her head and tears of glass roll down her face. I wanted to show the fluid nature of our human experience- constantly flowing and providing us with opportunities to partake of the joy and sorrow before us.

    – Janis Mars Wunderlich

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