Embrace is a one-of-a-kind large sculpture of multi-fired hand-built earthenware, slips, underglaze, glaze & glass. Size: 32”x19”x18”


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Embrace (2020) by Janis Mars Wunderlich is inspired by our critical current dialogue about anti-racism- about lifting each other up to build a better community, a better world. These figures are literally strengthening each other through their complete embrace. The world revolves around them and all eyes watch, as this act of embrace is what keeps many elements suspended in balance. Many authors and artists have explored the idea that none of us are truly free until ALL of us are free. It seems that a system where one part rises and another part is trodden upon needs to be repaired. What must we do as a local, national, and international community in order for us to achieve full equity, full value for every soul? We start by seeing and listening. We start with a supportive embrace.

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