Welcome to the World of Janis Mars Wunderlich

This image of an antlered youth sucking “juice” from her mother (like a thirsty child attacking a juice-box) came to my mind as I was feeling overwhelmed by the whirlwind of joys and responsibilities of parenting. It is both a comic and sobering reflection of the vital nurturing connection mothers and childrenĀ  share with each other. As a mom it seems like one minute I am nurturing and enjoying my children, and then a situation will arise and all of my patience will be taxed, every bit of energy tapped, and I am left feeling completely squeezed and entirely out of patience. It is then that I need to “refill” my soul and remember how awesome my children are, and how full of life and hope and goodness they are. And so the “Mom Juice Box” refills!

Come see this piece and several others at my exhibition opening on May 15, 1-4 pm at Sherrie Gallerie in the SHORT NORTH (Columbus, OH).

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